You can trust the promises of God

You can trust the promises of God

Isaiah 43:19 (KJV)

 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Promises do strengthen our hearts. However, it depends on who made it. Promises are anchors of our faith and they strengthen our resolve to keep pushing even when life is difficult and challenging. When we receive a promise, we are encouraged because by it we see a future and possibilities. So it is important that when promises are made that they are kept. 

Do not be among them that make promises that they don’t intend to fulfill. For such breaks the spirit of those to whom the promise is made. It wounds and hurts the spirit of an individual. 

But when promises are kept and fulfilled, it brings joy and excitement in the spirit of the recipient. We must understand that sometimes, it is not really that people don’t want to keep their promises but they may not have the resources necessary to fulfill it. Or they are caught up with things that are greater than them. Limitations are of humans but not God. 

So when God makes a promise, there are few things that you should know about it:

1. It is tied to His nature of goodness and faithfulness. 

Meaning that God does not say anything that He is not committed to doing.

2. It is based on His holiness and pleasure. 

Meaning that it can never be broken because it was not made in lies nor out of anything outside of God. It is His pleasure and when promises are of pleasure, nothing outside can affect it.

3. God’s promises are tied to His capacity and ability. 

Meaning that nothing within the promises are more than God. He has all that it takes to fulfill it. If He doesn’t have it, He will create it.

4. God’s promises are anchored on His righteousness. 

Meaning that He will never disappoint because they are true and right even as He is. It is not within God to deceive, so that which He said, you can bank on it.

5. God’s promises are therefore dependable. 

They are trustworthy. They are eternal. They are sure and true. 

Now having established these foundations, let see what God just promised; He said, I am doing a new thing. Wow, did you just hear that!!!!!. God the creator of the ends of the earth says I am doing something that you haven’t seen before nor knew existed nor ever thought it was possible. Notice He said I am doing it. Meaning you have no contributions to make, you just have to receive. 

But how is He doing it, you ask? By making a way in the wilderness. Wow, the wilderness is symbolic of situations that both overwhelming and confusing. Things that frighten your heart. Things you don’t know how to deal with. God says I got you. I am getting you out. Am showing you how to come through. He said you not going to die in this one. 

I don’t know who you are but you are coming out. He says I am causing rivers to break forth in the desert. Now think about it. The greatest treasure of the desert is water. Time will fail me to expand on this but know that the promises are for you and you have received from the one with whom there are no impossibilities. 

Strength is an essential component of fruitfulness and this day God comes to you with strength through His promises. Arise and be fruitful. 


Apostle Morgan.


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