God will perform His Words and Promises

God will perform His Words and Promises

Philippians 1:6 (KJV)

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

In life, one thing we all seek in our relationships is consistency, commitment, and faithfulness. We do so because we desire to know that those whom we have committed ourselves to and have opened ourselves to have the ability and capacity to honor such trust that we have bestowed upon them. Furthermore, we do so because we desire to be loved, cared for and not be hurt by the inconsistency and fragility of people who are unable to keep their promises nor hold on to the end of the bargain. So we often are unable to commit to people until we are sure who they truly are. 

It becomes then a thing of pain and deep wounds when those we have so trusted betray our trust and hurt of hearts. We find ourselves in an uncharted territory of uncertainty, asking who can I trust? Who consistently can responsibly hold to the end of the bargain? Who can come through when I need such a person the most? And so many other questions that we struggle to find answers to. 

It is to these uncertainties of experience and the failures of humanity that the Bible brings comfort and hope, by declaring that God who has begun a good work in you, He is committed to performing or bringing it to completion. What an amazing assurance. What a beautiful thing to know that there is someone who is consistently responsible for all times and who I can completely trust to not hurt my expectations nor disappoint my hope. 

So what is or are these good things that God has begun in you?

1. The salvation of your soul. 

As long as God is concerned, He will provide you grace, mercy and His kindness. He will protect you from all evils and dangers. He will preserve your soul. He will guide you in the way you should go. He will honor His name and Word in your life. He will love you through the thick and thin of life. He will be true to you at all times.

2. The unveiling and revealing of Himself to you

God is ever faithful to show you who He truly is and that you can count on. Meaning He God wants you to know Him. Unlike people who hide their true identity and intentions from you while they profess to love you. God is open to you and to reveal Himself to you in ways you can comprehend.

3. God will speak the truth to you in love. 

You know that many relationships we have are not true relationships because those whom we deal with are ever pretentious and are in most cases not willing to say or tell us the truth because they fear they will hurt our feelings. But true relationships must be built on truth and not pretense.

4. God is ever committed to honoring us. 

Oh, that means He will ever do right by us. Time will fail to write more of my God and the good work He has started in you. 

But know that fruitfulness requires a healthy interpersonal relationship and you have one with God, so you are commanded to be fruitful and fruitful you are for the power of the curse has been broken. 


Apostle Morgan.


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