Allow God to direct your steps

Allow God to direct your steps

Proverbs 16:9 (KJV)

 A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.

Planning is essential in life. It is a demonstration of one’s commitment to pursuing his or her life dreams. It enhances the chances of opportunity realization. By planning, we can minimize losses and ensure productivity. Planning is a vital key to achieving life’s goals, therefore planning is important. 


The Bible encourages us to plan but we are admonished to plan with divine help. To plan with the understanding that Plans in of itself does not guarantee success but the involvement of God in our planning is the key to successful planning. So why is it that many make plans without God, you ask?

  1. Ignorance of the role of God in the successful implementation of the plan.
  2. Pride of the heart that says I don’t need God and am enough in myself. Anyway, that is the statement of fools. For a fool says in their heart, I don’t need God.
  3. Fear of divine instructions. Many people are afraid that God may instruct them to do things that they are not ready to do at the time.
  4. They lack the patience to follow through with God’s way of doing things.  
  5. Their plan and the intended outcome are not for the glory of God.

 There are several benefits of truly allowing God to order your steps. Meaning allowing God to be involved in your life dreams and visions. When God orders your steps, he will lead you into blessings and not a failure. He will bestow favors upon you that would ensure that you obtain what you are looking for.


Divine involvement is a grantee for success in any life’s venture. So be open to God’s ways of doing things if you want to succeed. Plan but remember that God wants to order your steps. Be willing to engage with God in your life pursuit.


When God orders your steps, the following will ultimately happen:

1. You will enjoy peace. 

2. You will obtain favors. 

3. You will experience breakthroughs.

4. You will enjoy divine backing. 

5. You will receive divine resources. 


So, it is up to you to engage with God in your life and experience the blessings of doing so. Remember that fruitfulness is the product of God’s involvement in an individual life. For without Him the Bible says we can do nothing. You are commanded to be fruitful and fruitful you are. The power of the curse has been broken. 




Apostle Morgan.


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