Love As Christ Loves

Love As Christ Loves

1 Corinthians 13:13 (KJV)

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

It is not a surprise that God placed the greatest value on Love. Because love is not only the nature of God but it is the very essence of God. He is Love and all He does stems from Love. His actions toward you are based on Love. The sacrifice of Jesus is an act of Love.

Paul was addressing a church full of gifts and the manifestations of spiritual gifts but was lacking in Agape Love. We can have all things materially and even be philanthropic but still, we do not have Agape Love.

It is pure. It is true to its words. It holds to accountability to whoever it is expressed. It is ever kind. Mercy and grace are central to its actions. It forgives unconditionally. It gives with a pure motive. It is ever thinking of the best and doing the best for all. It does not envy nor is it boastful. It does not rejoice in evil nor takes part in evil. It is not jealousy nor is it ever thinking how to get even with those that have hurt you. Love is God and those who truly are in God show that they are God’s children by loving one another.

Faith and hope are important but they are mostly directed towards self but love is for you and others. Its expression must be towards the greater good of another. We reflect on the true essence of God when we love. The fruit of Love is such that no one truly says no to it when it is given. Let’s express Agape Love because the capacity to do so is within us. We are not asked to do what we cannot afford to do but we are asked to express freely the nature that is in us. 

We are commanded to be fruitful and fruitful we are for the power of the curse has been broken. 


Apostle Morgan.


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