Be fruitful, by being a person of peace

Be fruitful, by being a person of peace

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The uncertainties of our times are such that the bravest of all is lost in not knowing what to do and the seemingly intelligent ones are clueless as to what to do.

We are facing dangerous situations unlike anything we have seen before, governments are clueless as what the solutions are and the wisdom of the wise are failing them.

In these seasons, people are gripped by fear and anxiety. They seek peace and they look for meaning in the things that seemed to have provided such for them in times past, and yet it doesn’t suffice now.

In the midst of all these, how can I find peace, meaning, and sense of direction, you ask? The answer is –  in Christ Jesus life has meaning and purpose. He is the Prince of peace. A true and living relationship with Him is the grantee of a life full of peace. 

Now Peace is not the absence of challenges, rather it is the inner strength and solitude that cannot be shaken or overwhelmed by circumstances.  

It is knowing that you are not alone. That the God of all the universe is living inside of you and that by His Grace you have overcome. 

Peace is having a sense of direction that is uncommon in the world full of chaos. Knowing fully well that God by the Holy Spirit guides the affairs of your life.

Therefore, allow the peace of God to rule your hearts. Let it garrison your heart and be the final judge of all you do.

When this peace rules your heart, it impacts how you relate with others. You are called to live in peace with others. If everyone who claims to be a Christian obeys this passage, our world will be different. Let stop this nonsense we are caught up in, a divided kingdom, family, nation will not stand. 

Every civilization has not been destroyed by external forces but by internal forces of division and internal fighting. It is true individually, it is true in families, it is true in churches, it is true in nations. Be fruitful, by being a person of peace.  


Apostle Morgan


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