Let our deeds reveal Christ

Let our deeds reveal Christ

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'WHO IS GOING TO HARM YOU IF YOU ARE EAGER TO DO GOOD? 1 PETER 3:13'

Divine principles when lived by and applied to our daily lives does guarantee the desirable outcomes that are favorable to our well-being. Therefore, we must understand the value of such principles and consciously apply them in our interactions. 

One such principle is that of doing what is good. In the context of the scripture, it speaks to doing what is right within the society.

Christianity is not a license for lawlessness. We must apply ourselves to obeying the laws of the land and doing what is right in the eyes of God and man. We have moral and ethical obligations as people of God to do right and speak out for injustices in our land but do so within the allowable laws of the Land.

Think about your actions in the Name of God and ask yourself if they truly represent God? As we do good, we will influence others for God. Our good deeds will be a testimonial of our love for God and others.

We become fruitful practically and tangibly, demonstrating the Heart of God. So, let us consciously do good and show by our good deeds that we represent God.


Apostle Morgan.


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